Harvard’s campus and community through the lens of our photographers.

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  • The myriad moments of Commencement

    The weeklong buildup to Commencement Day’s ancient and scripted rites is a feast for the eyes, the ears, the palate, but mostly the heart.

  • The ending as beginning: Commencement ’18

    Harvard’s annual Commencement is both a conclusion and a start for those graduating. But the day also is a gathering of the far-flung Crimson clan under tents and trees in…

    Harvard graduates wave books.
  • Rite of spring

    Crowds top 15,000 over the festival’s four days.

  • The weight of the ‘eights’ on her shoulders

    What she lacks in size she makes up for in volume as leader of the heavyweight varsity rowers.

  • A history of games at Houghton

    Explore the Harvard library’s treasure trove of games dating back to the 17th century.

  • It’s Housing Day, with snowballs

    As nor’easter slackens, Harvard freshmen throng the Yard after learning where they’ll live next, all part of the annual Housing Day.

  • John Harvard’s Charlestown

    After a recent snowfall, we explored the neighborhood of the University’s namesake and spoke with historian Rosemary Kverek of Charlestown and Cambridge Historical Commission Director Charles Sullivan.

    Engraved stone, John Harvard Mall, Charlestown.
  • ‘Sketching’ with clay

    Ben Owen III of North Carolina comes from a long line of potters. The master potter demonstrated his technique at a Harvard Ceramics Program workshop.

  • Making Harvard’s Houses home

    Some are new to the role while others are veterans, but their mission is the same: to create a community for their ‘extended family’ of students.

  • At Wintersession, fresh ways for students to explore

    Wintersession 2018 gave Harvard students some much-welcomed time to explore new fields and experiences.

  • Quidditch, anyone? Inside Harvard club sports

    Teddy Roosevelt boxed. Neil deGrasse Tyson wrestled. For generations, Harvard students have turned to physical activity for a break from study.

  • Study spaces call to students

    From Widener Library’s Loker Reading Room to the Harvard Art Museums’ Calderwood Courtyard, photos show Harvard’s most popular study spaces

  • In the Yard, inside the dorms

    A photo gallery of roommates in Harvard’s Class of 2020.

    Roommates Kristie Colton (from left), Georgia Seidel, and Rebecca Chen peak inside their room in Thayer Hall.