Harvard’s campus and community through the lens of our photographers.

All from this series

  • Where the wild things are

    Capturing the creatures that grace Harvard’s buildings, gates, and shields

    Lion statue.
  • The House that will be home

    On Housing Day, first-year students learn where they will spend their next years at Harvard, and the Houses are as varied as the residents who inhabit them.

    Kirkland House is reflected in the windows of Winthrop House.
  • A day at the beech

    A photo gallery shows off the perseverance and beauty of the beech trees at the Arnold Arboretum.

  • Winter wisdom

    Photographers showcase decades of winter scenes on campus.

    Houses on River.
  • Move-in day, without those hugs

    Harvard’s campus opens up during move-in day.

    Walking with boxes.
  • The unique and beautiful await

    Artists from Harvard’s Ed Portal worked from their homes, shops, and studios to amass a catalog of treasures for sale at the fourth-annual winter market.

    Triptych of art.
  • Life along the Charles from sunrise to sunset

    The Charles River teems with life from sunrise to sunset, as Gazette photographers witnessed.

    Runner along Charles.
  • Autumnal exposures: Colorful moments in passing

    From sunrise to sunset, Harvard photographer Rose Lincoln captured the beauty of autumn as it swept across the University’s campus surrounding community.

    Overview from the Smith Campus Center.
  • Testing for COVID, ensuring safety

    Harvard is testing those who return regularly to campus for COVID-19 at two locations, including Harvard Stadium in Allston. Here are photos of how it’s working.

    COVID-19 testing takes place in the open-air concourse of Harvard Stadium.
  • A symphony of seasons

    Gazette photographer Kris Snibbe captures the four seasons at Harvard, paying tribute to Vivaldi.

    Katherine Miclau ’20 studies in Lowell House courtyard.
  • Architects of their future

    For the first time in its history, the Harvard Graduate School of Design has four Native American students enrolled.

    Gund Hall at Harvard School of Graduate Design.
  • An enduring bond

    Four sets of roommates from the Class of 2020 gave the Gazette a glimpse of life inside the dorms back in 2017. Where are they now?

    Roommates Tatiana Patino and Walburga Khumalo are pictured as first-year students and then as seniors before they move off campus.
  • WHRB keeps classical connections

    In the time of COVID-19, Harvard student radio station pays tribute to canceled concerts.

    WHRB president Allison Pao ‘21, at the station with her mandolin.
  • Harvard, in the background

    Harvard’s best angles, to display in the background of conference calls.

    The John Harvard Statue is pictured with the American flat in Harvard Yard.
  • Harbingers of Housing Day

    The background and history of the Harvard House mascots and the students beneath the masks.

    All twelve House mascots are pictured in costume striking a pose.
  • It was a week like no other

    Harvard photographer Rose Lincoln returned to campus this past weekend to capture the thoughts and images of students as they readied themselves to return home.

    Student staring out over the Charles River.
  • Authors’ aerie

    A photo gallery captures authors at work in the new home of Harvard’s creative writing program atop Lamont Library.

    A row of books lines a shelf in the Department of English's creative writing program in Lamont Library.
  • A case study in portraiture

    For 15 years, painter Stephen Coit ’71, M.B.A. ’77, has been quietly changing the walls of campus by adding dozens of portraits that better reflect Harvard’s diversity.

    Stephen Coit, the artist of the Harvard Foundation Portraiture Project, is pictured in his Cambridge home.
  • In defense of winter

    Harvard photographer Rose Lincoln shows winter’s critics why they should embrace the season.

    Valentina Iacobciuc and Elena Fevraleva frolic in the Conifer Collection at the Arnold Arboretum.
  • A guide to Harvard’s toasty fireplaces

    As the weather outside gets frightful, the Harvard community might find these fires delightful.

  • A collection of knowledge

    Harvard’s Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments has grown to 20,000 objects, making it one of the three largest university collections of its kind.

    A glass door looking into a museum of Harvard historical instruments.
  • Come to the cabaret

    “Truth Hurts: A Transformational Cabaret,” designed and performed by Harvard students in Theater, Dance & Media, embraces the anything-goes form in a dramatic satire of campus life.

    Allie Jeffay wears a large, white sun hat and sunglasses.
  • Hip-hop steps up

    In Aysha Upchurch’s new course, “Hip Hop Dance: Exploring the Groove and the Movement Beneath and Beyond the Beat,” students learn the histories behind some of their favorite moves.

    Aysha Upchurch teaches Hip Hop Dance in Farkas Hall.
  • The season of the soul

    Gone are the warm, carefree days of summer; the cool, crisp air of a new season brings with it winds of change, and fall has arrived.

    Autumn leaves are on display outside the Carpenter Center.
  • The path to sustainable commuting

    Photographers capture the Harvard community taking steps toward a more sustainable commute.

    Polina Kehayova and Anna Kehayova ride scooters on the sidewalk, and Florian Engert rides rollerblades on the street.
  • Frames of mind: A window onto Harvard’s campus

    A window Into Harvard’s campus through the lens of a camera.

    Student walking up stairway with colorful flags hanging from ceiling.
  • Blades of glory

    Rowing blades feature designs, most often inspired by shields and mascots, distinctive to each School and House at Harvard.

  • Gen Ed shopping spree

    Students popped in and out of classrooms, labs, and lecture halls in the first days of the semester, hunting for just the right Gen Ed class — the one that…

    Two students stand under Sever Hall archway.
  • ‘The first superhero that I ever came to know’

    Incoming Harvard medical and dental students talk about the people who helped them most.

  • How I wrote my Harvard essay

    Late nights. Discarded drafts. That one great idea. Harvard first-years reflect on the agony and the ecstasy of writing their admissions essay.