Election 2020

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  • How far right will Trump’s nominee move the Supreme Court?

    Harvard professor discusses how far right Trump’s nominee could move the Supreme Court.

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg casket at top of Supreme Court stairs.
  • Pollster looks at how pandemic, loss of RBG may affect election

    Polling methodology expert Chase Harrison talks about why the 2020 election polls can explain how COVID-19 may reshape the vote, and offers some useful insights into the presidential race.

    Chase Harrison
  • Getting out the vote

    Tova Wang spoke with the Gazette about how young Americans can get political leaders to listen to them and persuade cynical friends or family members that every ballot matters.

    Illustration of balloons that say vote.
  • In this election, ‘costly signal deployment’

    As the 2020 presidential campaign rhetoric heats up, Harvard experimental psychologist Joshua D. Greene, who studies the science behind tribal instincts and moral judgments, looks at the strategy behind President Trump’s increasingly provocative, extreme language.

    Harvard Professor of Psychology Joshua Greene.
  • Faith in the ballot

    How white evangelicals tour the nation’s capital and redeem a Christian America.

  • A big election amid pandemic in a riven land

    Harvard faculty consider the logistical and political challenges as states prepare to try to safely run a presidential election in the middle of a global pandemic.

    Polling station.