Harvard’s EdRedesign announces 2024 Institute for Success Planning Community of Practice

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The EdRedesign Lab’s Institute for Success Planning at the Harvard Graduate School of Education has announced its third cohort of cross-sector teams from across the country joining its 2024 Success Planning Community of Practice.  

There are sixteen total communities invited to participate in the 2024-2025 Success Planning Community of Practice, including six communities from cohort 2 returning for their second year and ten new communities representing cohort 3.  

The returning communities are Cambridge, MA; Chelsea, MA; Dayton, OH; Memphis, TN; San Francisco, CA; and Spartanburg, SC. The new cohort 3 Community of Practice communities are Birmingham, AL; Berea, KY; New York, NY (Children’s Aid Society); Oakland, CA; Orlando, FL; Salt Lake City, UT; San Antonio, TX; San Diego, CA; Toledo, OH; and Worcester, MA. The multi-sector community teams include leaders from school systems, health and human services agencies, out-of-school-time and other community- and faith-based organizations, and local officials.   

The cohort 1 communities of Albuquerque, NM; Baltimore, MD; Carbondale, IL; Chattanooga-Hamilton, TN; Long Beach, CA; Minneapolis, MN; Nashville, TN; New York, NY (Every Child and Family Is Known); Poughkeepsie, NY; and Unity Point, IL, which have completed two years in the Success Planning Community of Practice, will join EdRedesign’s Success Planning Alumni Network, continuing to receive support from EdRedesign to scale and sustain their local initiatives, serve in an advisory capacity, and provide coaching for new cohort members. 

Success Planning is a relationship-based approach that connects each child or youth to an adult Navigator who co-creates a personalized plan for action, in partnership with their families and other caring adults. 

“Success Planning is about fostering positive relationships, nurturing potential, and building clear and accessible pathways to success for all children and youth. As we welcome the new communities into our network and honor the dedication of our Success Planning alumni, we will continue to walk alongside communities and support their efforts to eliminate systems that create barriers and advocate for policies and practices that help to advance progress toward more equitable access and opportunity. Thanks to the support of our funders and the tireless commitment of our local and national partners, we’re advancing a movement that’s broadening the conception of education and youth development. All means all, ” said Tauheedah Jackson, Director of the Institute for Success Planning.  

 With the generous support of the Barr Foundation and an anonymous gift, and additional financial support for Success Planning from the Carnegie Corporation of New York and the Oak Foundation, the Institute for Success Planning is accelerating community-driven efforts toward broader personalization by advancing systemic approaches to individualized supports, ensuring all children and youth have clear and accessible pathways to succeed in both school and life.   

Success Planning is a complementary strategy to other cross-sector place-based partnership models designed to coordinate and streamline existing resources and efforts. EdRedesign’s Success Planning Community of Practice includes Promise Neighborhoods, Full-Service Community Schools, Blue Meridian Partners Place Matters communities, and members of Communities in Schools, Partners for Rural Impact, Purpose Built Communities, StriveTogether, and others.